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A draftsman is a person who is trained in creating technical drawings. In the development world, drafting is the term used to refer to the action of drawing the design to get a structure or building. Though a drafter might not design the building or structure him or herself, they are in charge of making the concrete strategies of the design that is certainly described by architects, engineers, and build the necessary illustrations from which that idea could be implemented or fabricated in a methodical as well as practical format. A drafter can also make drawings from engineering sketches, pictures, along with other references, and which show how parts, as well as other items, work their connection to one another.

A specialist draftsman uses CAD and drafting (CADD) to prepare plans. The program enables drafter to print, conserve time, or upgrade previously prepared drawings. These kinds of draftsman employed in both commercial and residential building.

Architectural Draftsman:
A Draftsman develops plans for building employees to work with when constructing houses and business buildings. They may focus on residential, industrial, commercial, or community buildings. An architectural drafter might also specialize not in a particular form of a building, but in a specific building material for example concrete or masonry.

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