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Architecture Designs for Custom Home Renovations & Remodels

With our Renovation Designs, our main goal is to implement all your needs and get it built with the efficiency of your budget. There is no purpose of having an extraordinary design and not having the budget to get it built. We make sure to generate an appealing design and have it built with structural efficiencies and practices to get your project approved and on budget.



Custom Home Designers with a team of Engineers ready to get your project approved and built.

Most homeowners decide to invest in a Major Remodel by adding a 2nd Story to their existing home to reduce cost when compared to buying a larger home. We fully understand adding space to your home is a browsing idea to fulfill needs and wants. Concepts are done and implemented with the intention of generating an appealing look and feel which is something very important to layout in a design as we take the full responsibility of manifesting our client’s dreams and visions into real assets. We suggest ideas and concepts to enhance our clients wants and make the design work efficiently through all phases.

Los Angeles Custom Home Remodeling

Structural Design | Designing your Custom Remodel efficiently is our duty

New Custom Homes

Blueprints Required for Custom Home or Remodels

Not all projects require Civil Engineering, Landscaping Plans, or Mechanical Drawings. A simple permit for Los Angeles and surrounding cities do require Architectural Plans and Structural Engineering Drawings which include Calculations and Energy Calculations. More complex situations, for example, Hillside Projects or Vacant lots will require Civil Engineering Drawings such as Soils Report, Topography, Survey and Low Impact Development Plans. In addition, you will require Landscaping Plans including Irrigation Layout and water use calculations. Mechanical Drawings are normally required for HVAC calculations and installation manuals.

Apartments Design Firm

Designing Apartments

We have built many Multi-Family Residential Apartments for all adjacent cities of Los Angeles. One of the main reason why we thrive in Blueprint Developments is mainly that we do proper research and maximize investment for Developers and work along with city staff to streamline projects. Time is the most important factor when Designing Apartment Complex along with minimizing construction cost and city fees.  All of our projects are custom build. We never use cookie cutter templates as we deal with unique lot perimeters.

Home Renovations

At VIEDrafting Blueprint Developments we take pride in what we do. Our main purpose is to rebuild California one project at a time. That is the reason why we decided to build an entire team of Engineers and Designers to better service Contractors and Homeowner Builders. Execute our work efficiently and lower the cost to our clients to maximize their investment.

We continue to thrive and build valuable relationships with city staff and our customers to grow our reputations.