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Convert your Garage into an ADU  in all Los Angeles County

With well over 500 projects experience VIEDrafting Blueprint Developments are the best in acquiring Construction Building Permits for any project including Major Remodels, Custom Homes, 2nd Story Additions, ADU’s, Patio Covers & BBQ Patios & Pools.


Convert your Garage into an ADU  in all Los Angeles County

Look no further, Designers from VIEDrafting Blueprint Developments are the solution.

Are you aware that you can convert your Detach/or Attached Garage into an ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit)?

ADUs are allowed by the State of California (Senate Bill No. 1069) in every city which enables them to be independent rental units that include a kitchen, bathrooms, living areas, and own entrance.

We do all preliminary research of your property including existing permits and conditions before commencing any project to assure we can acquire a construction permit from proposed city departments. Upon signed proposal and initial deposit, we begin the process of recording precise dimensions of your full property including building perimeters, driveways, landscaping, utilities and all amenities attached to dwellings.

In the First Phase:

We design a layout that best fits your needs. Location of rooms, kitchen, and bathroom etc..

In the Second Phase:

 Upon finalizing design we submit a full set of construction plans for city review and approval.

Third Phase:

Acquire Construction Permit. Work can begin on the same day.

Why do a Garage Conversion?

If you have been planning to add square footage to your existing house, adding recreational room can be an option or perhaps adding a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and family rooms can be done as well. ADU’s are independent rental units and are allowed in most zoning areas. 

On the other hand, ADU’s are much less expensive to construct when compared to a new living unit simply because it is already built. A new footing will be installed in the new wall that covers the garage door and along with other reinforcement to the roof to be sustainable. Which is all part of the California Building Code. 

ADU’s are another way of contributing to California’s Housing Deficit which is one of the main reasons this ordinance was passed in 2016. There is a great shortage of housing in California as we may all know it. Which also allows homeowners to collect rent and generate supplemental income. 

Your Design may include a

  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Personal Entrance
  • Living Areas
  • Office
  • Studio
  • Entertainment

Your ADU can also be new construction. If you decide to enlarge the existing Garage or have a new Detach ADU it can all be done.

  • Detach ADU’s cannot be bigger than 1,200 sq. ft.
  • 5′ setback from side and rear.
  • 8.5 x 40′ Tandem Parking or 8.5 x 18 Parallel Parking
  • Available transit within 1/5 mile
  • Must match the existing main unit style